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Buz’s “Grill Kit”

Buz’s “Grill Kit”


Whoa now! You have reached BBQ tool Nirvana. Please step off the elevator.

Known by industry insiders as “The Chosen Ones” since Buz selects every piece that makes up this grill kit. Each item is handpicked for its heavy duty awesomeness and incredibly low price, you won’t find a better grill set anywhere for the money…not even close. The trade-off is that each piece was intended to be used as a stand alone tool, They were made with a no-compromise purpose in mind, not stamped out of  flimsy metal so they look good, only. With this set, you’ll  have the tools to compete with the pros and make that loud mouth neighbor of yours cringe from the inadequacy of his tools.

Your set will include one each of the following items, the very same items we sell by the each in our online store:
1.   Large heavy duty grill spatula with wooden handle.
2.   8″ chef knife, forged German high carbon stainless steel, full tang, riveted grip.
3.   6″ boning knife, forged German high carbon stainless steel, full tang, riveted grip.
4.   Heavy chopping cleaver, 3.5″ x 8″ full tang stainless blade with riveted wood handle.
5.   Stainless kitchen shears.
6.   Heavy duty long fork with forged stainless tines, 4 inch tang riveted to an all wood laminated handle for strength.
7.   Heavy duty 16″ commercial tong. Stainless steel.
8.   Natural bristle basting brush.
9.   Basting mop.
10.  12″ bamboo skewers.
11.  Heavy duty black nylon tool case.




Additional information

Weight 6.68 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 18 x 4 in


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