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Marinades: Two Ways To Rub Your Meat

Marinades: Two Ways To Rub Your Meat
January 16, 2014 Staff Writer

Marinades give your meat that little somethin’ that you just wouldn’t be able to get without it. They enhance the natural flavor of the meat and can help lock in the meat’s natural juices while keeping it moist – which prevents it from sticking to the grill.

But, there are two types of marinades on the market. Marinade for grilling and barbecuing. What’s the best one for you? Well we can help you figure that out.

Marinade for Barbecuing:

Marinade for barbecuing is good for large cuts of meat. However, this type of marinade is a superficial marinade – meaning, it won’t penetrate to the bone.

Some people during barbecue competitions will inject the marinade by using a pump or needle.  We don’t recommend doing this because it can alter the taste of the marinade.

These marinades are great for long-term barbecuing or smoking because the flavor isn’t meant to overpower the taste of the meat, it’s supposed to enhance the natural flavor.

 Marinade for Grilling:

For those who are interested in short-term cooking, marinades are usually used to add flavor to the meat.  Most of you won’t be grilling for 12 plus hours in a day.  Marinades that are made with the intention of grilling can also help tenderize certain cuts of meat like London Broil.


If you have any questions on making wet marinades, send us an e-mail or check out our library at our Broad St. location.




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