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Grilling With Rich Gives Buz and Ned’s a Thumbs Up

Grilling With Rich Gives Buz and Ned’s a Thumbs Up
September 19, 2014 Staff Writer

New York native and barbecue reviewer Richard Wachtel runs, and recently made a pitstop at Buz and Ned’s during his trip to Richmond for the Redskins Training Camp.

He gives readers insight to Buz’s travels across the U.S. and where he learned different recipes for mouth-watering barbecue. Watchel also tells readers how Buz and Ned met, and how the restaurant was formed.

Watchel sampled everything from barbecue ribs to to brisket, barbecue chicken to sausage and various sides such as the baked beans and french fries.

The mac and cheese left Watchel wanting more.

Overall, Watchel said the restaurant atmosphere and food was “amazing.” He ends the review by saying, “the whole dining experience was great and something that I could 100% see myself coming back to over and over again whenever I am in the Richmond, Va., and attending Redskin Training camp for sure!” Thanks for stopping by, Rich!

To read Grilling With Rich’s full review, visit his website here.