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Craft Beer, Bartending at its Finest

Craft Beer, Bartending at its Finest
December 15, 2014 Staff Writer

Buz and Ned’s serves up some mouth-watering barbecue. Side dishes and desserts can add to the meal. But, the craft beer and customer service is what makes the experience at Buz and Ned’s.

Dana Stevenson, bartender at the Broad Street location, just received her beer server certification. According to Dana, the certification is pretty common among craft beer world.

“It’s honestly not that big of a deal, it just helps to give us some clout with our local beer community,” Dana said in an email interview.

Dana added that the “certified beer server” is the first step in the Cicerone program.

In order to pass the exam, Dana had to have competent knowledge of beer storage and service issues, modest knowledge of beer styles and culture, basic familiarity of beer tasting and flavors, and basic knowledge about the brewing process and ingredients.

“Most of my knowledge comes from experience. I have bartended for almost 15 years, the last 7 to 8 years focusing on craft beer,” Dana said. “I also attended a few refresher classes at Brown Distributing over the summer.”

Dana became a part-time bartender when Buz and Ned’s (2nd location??) opened. She became full-time when she took over the bar and beer ordering two years ago.

Her favorite styles of beer include saisons, IPAs, imperial stouts and sours but she said she has way too many favorite beers.

Buz and Ned’s uses to update the beer menu as it changes and then post to Twitter.

So next time you’re looking for some good barbecue, sides and craft brew, stop by Buz and Ned’s because Dana will take care of you!