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Monday - Sunday: 11:30am-2:30pm & 4:30pm-8:00pm
WEST BROAD ST: 804 346 4227
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Catering FAQ

Catering FAQ

Here at Buz and Ned’s we offer two distinct types of catering,

  • PACKAGED MEALS (for pick up or delivery)


Packaged meals have a preset menu with a limited number of add-ons (not substitutions) available.

Add-Ons Include

Additional menu items
Refer to our restaurant menu. We suggest you stay away from fried items, as they don’t travel well.

Assorted cookies and brownies.

Sweet iced tea, fresh lemonade, canned or bottled soda, bottled water, bottled beer.

(plates, utensils, cups, napkins, wire chafing dish frames,etc) [Bio-Compostable where possible]

We offer a limited number of equipment rental choices like hot holding boxes, non-disposable chafing dishes, serving bowls and utensils, serving tables and table covers. (The complete list with prices can be found under the rental section) These items help to facilitate the ease of operations, provide more serving time flexibility and enhance product quality and safety. These items are priced based on the customer picking them up with the order and returning them to our location the next day. If we deliver them to you and you want us to come back to pick up the rented items, there will be an additional fee. All of our rental items are subject to availability and refundable deposits are required.


Full service catering is for parties of 50 or more or with a total food cost of at least $1,000.00 before taxes. We come to your chosen location, set up a kitchen area if needed, set up our serving tables with linens and all of the necessary serving equipment to complete the food portion of your event, serve the food, provide beverages and a bar if required. After the agreed upon service time, we break down our equipment, clean our area, perform any other pre-arranged services and then return everything to our catering kitchen at our place of business.

Many of the menu items must be cooked or finished on-site for quality reasons. Remember, Buz is a stickler for quality.

Event pricing is done on a per job basis, We will complete an in depth question session with you to better understand and account for all of the complexities of your event. If called for, we will come out to make a sight inspection of your event location. We will then come up with a written proposal based on what we discussed, The Buz and Ned’s way is to provide you with a turn-key, all-inclusive price. We will fax or email to you the proposal along with our catering contract. Significant changes after this point may require repricing the proposal. If you are in agreement with the proposal as we prepared it, we ask that you sign the proposal and the catering agreement (the fine print) and return it to the sender by email, fax, private carrier or U.S. Mail.

Event Locations
If you can’t locate a suitable location to have your  event, we can help provide some suggestions you might not have thought about. Theoretically, we can go anywhere you would like to have your event if its legal, available and within your budget.

You can save money when you need to rent items from a third party vendor by dealing directly with the rental company. However, if you insist, we can take care of any rentals that may be required to complete your event such as seating, tables, tents, fans, lighting, china, valet parking, etc. This will add some financial costs in exchange for taking the organizational time and stress away from you. Your choice.

Food Serving Time
Serving is customarily  1 1/2 hours in duration. However, we will accommodate any schedule you need.

Packages are offered as a pickup at our place of business or as a delivery to your place. Delivery is an additional charge based on the distance we need to drive and how many people are required to make the delivery (based on the size of your party).

We also offer, at an additional cost, set-up by our staff. Only disposables are offered for purchase as add-ons to your basic package.