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Barbecue and Beer: The Perfect Pair

Barbecue and Beer: The Perfect Pair
January 30, 2014 Staff Writer

Spring is itching to get here and you’re gearing up for the grilling season. That’s right – barbecue, warm weather, a beer in one hand and tongs in the other, and you’re surrounded by family and friends.

But grilling isn’t just about cooking delicious food for everyone. It’s an art and you want to be the ultimate pit master. Well if you pair the right types of beer with your barbecue, you will astound everyone with your great barbecue skills.

Not sure what beer pairs well with barbecue?  We can help you out with that.  So grab a beer, relax and learn from the best.


Also known as a farmhouse ale, Saison pairs well with any food – especially with barbecue.  This beer is known for standing up to the richness and heat of any type of barbecue while cleansing your palate.

Pale Ales/Indian Pale Ales

Both of these ales are a perfect choice for barbecue.  Look for refreshing, yet bold pale ales to heighten the flavor of barbecue and look for more crisp, clean Indian pale ales to cleanse the palate.  In short, go for strong pale ales and mild Indian pale ales.


A cousin to stouts, porters are lighter in alcohol and body – so don’t let their dark bodies fool you.  Porters that carry hints of coffee, chocolate or roast pair very well with beef or pork that has a little char on it.

Now that you have the skills to make you a seasoned pit master, it’s time to grill your heart out! Don’t forget to stop by our bar at Boulevard or West Broad and give some of these a go.